Founder’s Message:

Schools are seen increasingly important due to the rapid growth in scientific and technological discoveries and modern trends in the field of education. In this respect our basic aim at SGS is to inculcate a strong work ethic among students and help them become productive assets of the society. Another important aspect of building the youth for the future is to create an awareness of our cultural diversity and richness. One of the things I will be looking forward in the next academic years is greater parental involvement in school activities and functions for I sincerely believe that wholesome education is not possible without an effective home school partnership. We work very hard & are confident that ourstudents will continue to contribute positively and make us proud. We wish you a blissful and rewarding association with the Sanwyk Grammar School.


Contribution to Education:

We, at Sanwyk firmly believe that education is a right of every student and  meaningful  education  is the  foundation  stone upon which the  entire  edifice  of our future, social, cultural & economic development may be erected.
Here we are developing such strategies, which can enable the teachers & the taught to face the new challenges.

Therefore,   curriculum   teaching   methodologies & learning process need to be more interactive & communicative. We are endeavoring  to  furnish  the  highest   possible   level   of   self awareness,  self  confidence  &  self   reliance  among   all  our students.

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